For all

When the concept of a blog first came up, I thought I would write purely for myself and for those who felt like me-sad, angry, empty. As I began to write with pen and paper, I realized there were many others, in addition to the grieving. The friends and family, the coworkers, and even just aquatinted who “heard the news”. They wanted to help, to say something, to be an ear to listen, But didn’t know what to say, how to approach.

What do I say?

Should I bring up theirs loved ones name?

How can I help them?

Some of my posts will be completely for me, venting. Others will be directed toward the grieving. And then there will be posts for everyone else, even those who are just curious.

I am by no means an expert. I am writing about my own experience. Consider it a friend to friend conversation. Ask me anything. Personal or general. Feel free to share my posts with anyone, tell me what you think. Even if you hate it or think it’s horrible.

Again, thank you all who visit and read my posts. Please excuse the changing themes and backgrounds, I’m still trying to figure WordPress out!


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