Music to grieve to

Music is a magical thing. It has the ability to take us somewhere, set our mood, allow us to relax, and at times, bring us together.

When Harrison went to heaven, I felt so isolated. No one I knew had ever lost a child. I didn’t have any friends in similar circumstances. I had trouble getting into the once a month support group offered by the hospital I delivered…it was too far, I was too tired, I was too sad. I joined a Facebook infant loss group. That was awful. I felt no one understood what we were going through, I felt even my husband didn’t grieve how I did (and that’s okay!). I started searching for something, anything that made me feel like I was not alone.

A dear friend sent me a YouTube link for a song by Selah “I will carry you”.

I bawled my brains out.

The tears were happy, sad, and a mix of other emotions, I thought if someone was singing about it, I know I’m not alone. Grief can be the most isolating thing.

I came upon other songs and put together a playlist of beautiful music. Some songs reminded me of Harrison, our family, the drive to the hospital, the frustrations of the NICU, the sadness and emptiness I have felt, some were songs we listened to while snuggling with him. Some songs we sang to Ava at bedtime and hoped to sing to Harrison at home. These songs are guaranteed to make you feel like someone just wrapped their arms around you. They will make you feel sad, and happy in some way. Grieve knowing you are not alone. There are many others who feel your sorrow and emptiness.

These songs may not be relevant to you as you grieve, you will find the songs that resonate with you. Below is the list I came up with…and will continue to grow as I hear more.

  1. Selah-I will carry you
  2. Pink-Beam me up
  3. Steven Curtis Chapman-With hope
  4. The Beatles-Blackbird (Ava’s bedtime song…Harrison’s anytime song)
  5. The Beatles-In my Life (our family loves the Beatles)
  6. Kacey Musgraves-Silver lining
  7. Edward Sharpe & the magnetic zeros-Home
  8. Pharrell Williams-Happy
  9. Travis Tritt- It’s a great day to be alive
  10. Bob Marley and the Wailers- Three little birds (Another bedtime song of Ava’s and Harrison’s)
  11. Andy Grammer- Give Love
  12. Scotty Mccreery- Five more minutes
  13. Ben Rector- Brand New
  14. Badfinger- No matter what
  15. Fleetwood Mac- Landslide
  16. Pink Floyd- Wish you were here
  17. Cat Stevens- Wild World
  18. Elton John- Your song
  19. The Beatles- Til there was you
  20. Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young- Our House
  21. Kim Hill- Up to the moon (my sister Lori found this one for us, were always saying “love you to the moon and back!”)
  22. Rascal Flatts- Let it hurt
  23. Eric Clapton- Tears in Heaven
  24. Remember me (from the Disney movie Coco)
  25. OAR-James
  26. Chris Stapleton- When the stars come out
  27. Chris Stapleton- Millionaire
  28. Fun.- Be Calm


Feel free to comment on this post if there is another song that’s helped you through a tough time or reminds you of your loved one.

Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on “Music to grieve to”

  1. Megan, I will never listen to Blackbird again and not think of your beautiful Ava singing it to your beautiful Harrison with music therapy in the Nicu! 💙

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  2. Megan, never again will I listen to Blackbird and not think of your beautiful Ava singing it to your beautiful Harrison with music therapy in the Nicu! 💙

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  3. Anytime I miss Harrison, I listen to Give Love… it was the only song I could remember from the playlist of songs you could imagine him and Ava dancing to ❤

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