Baby cries

Today I was running around and pushing it close to Bennett’s next feed. Of course he started crying. Vigorously. Which almost never happens thus far. Listening to his cry, I started crying myself. Not because I was panicking or feeling bad, but because it was so good to hear his little cry. Something Harrison physically couldn’t do. I love seeing his little feet kicking out of the swaddle when I feed him at night. I love when he opens his little eyes and looks right at me. I love watching him root and try to eat his hands and suck on my arms and cheek. So many little things make me so incredibly happy.

Someone said to me before Bennett was born about the healing power of having a rainbow baby. I didn’t really understand it at first. I thought well even though sweet Bennett will be here, Harrison will still be in heaven. But ever since Bennett was born, I do feel some bit of healing happening, little by little. It’s hard to describe, I haven’t yet got the words for it.



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