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Holidays 2020

Happy holidays. Harrison would’ve been about 2 1/2, almost 3 years old this 2020 holiday season!

Some days I still can’t believe all that has happened.

After 2 1/2 years, I feel like it was a nightmare and just a terrible fog. I feel happy again, although I something struggle, not feeling like myself.

Who I was before sorrow hit me. I don’t know if this is crazy, but I sometimes feel like I’ll never be who I was before. Anyone else ever feel like that?

The holidays are always hard for people suffering in grief. How do we help our family and friends in need? Do we leave them be when they ask to be left alone? Do we force ourselves into their lives so they don’t have to suffer alone? Do we drag them out? I think everyone handles this differently. It’s hard to say which way is the best to handle it. In my own suffering, at times, I wanted to be alone. Other times, I couldn’t stand being by myself.

I think now, I still like to be around people, but I don’t mind so much being alone.

Let’s open the discussion. How do you help your family and friends during the holiday season? Questions and comments welcome!

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