I don't know if other grievers have ever heard or felt this way, but before things with Harrison happened, I was a firm believer in Karma. I thought if I am a good person and do good things, it will return to me. My outlook on life was very positive. I felt in control and… Continue reading Karma

How to help the grieving

In response to my last post about what NOT to say/do, here are the ways, from my experience, to help your family member, friend, co worker, etc. through their grief journey. Love on them. My coworkers from my L&D job sent numerous cards/gifts/notes while Harrison was in the NICU AND after he passed away. One… Continue reading How to help the grieving

what not to say to someone experiencing grief

*this post has been updated as of January 16, 2019 Sometimes people say the wrong things. Sometimes, they are hurtful. Most of the time, they are not meant to be hurtful. People can be so desperate to help the grieving that they will literally say anything, anything they might think is comforting to you. Most… Continue reading what not to say to someone experiencing grief

Be positive-the holidays

This post is going to sound a bit harsh and kind of shitty, this post is me venting about our holiday in grief. This was our first holiday season without Harrison. The first major holiday we had to get through in grief. You know what I heard so incredibly often? "Be Positive" What does that… Continue reading Be positive-the holidays