Giving grief a purpose

For Harrison's birthday, we were looking for some way to honor sweet Harrison's life. I had read a lot of other families doing really amazing things in honor of their loved ones and I wanted to do something similar. Grief is a powerful thing. It stole my energy and drive and motivation. Took my husbands… Continue reading Giving grief a purpose

The day Harrison went to heaven

We slept at the NICU that night. We gave Harrison his first real bath. He melted right into the water. He looked so relaxed. My eyes burned with tears. We had been able to lay on a little couch with him almost that whole weekend. Cuddled him up and watched movies together, listened to music,… Continue reading The day Harrison went to heaven

Harrison’s birthday

Harrison's birthday is coming up. March 10 our little dude would've been ONE! It kills me. We wanted to do something special, and we've been tossing around some different ideas. I think we have narrowed it down. But I'm really interested in how others celebrate their loved ones birthday. Not just the sweet babies either,… Continue reading Harrison’s birthday